Hair Extensions

With over 30 years experience in all applications and methods of extensions Alison has worn and trialed every type of extension available . Having fine hair herself she understands how important the placement, colour and quality of the hair is for the importance of natural looking hair.

She believes that no particular method is better, it is all about what is going to be most suitable to the clients natural hair, how they like to wear it, lifestyle and budget.

Extensions aern’t just about adding length. They can be used to add colour that doesn’t fade or damage your hair. Length in an area for example when growing out a fringe or for thickness and of course length.

Types of Extensions

Gadiva Flat tip singles

These are the most comfortable and invisible joins as the tip is flat and sits flat on the head. Premium quality Remy hair. Ideal if you like to wear your hair up. Full head approximately 100-130 pieces depending on the thickness of your natural hair. $9 per strand.

Keratin bonds



Single strands that are great for durability and people who like to wear their hair up. Wax like joins that are very comfortable. This method the hair can not be reused each time, they need to be replaced with new hair.
Full head approximately 100-130 pieces depending on the thickness of your natural hair. $8 per strand.

Tapes-Skin weft

A fast and more economical extension creating a fuller seamless finish great for the person who is time poor. Have amazing hair within 1 hour.

Micro ring

Single beaded extensions that are clamped onto your natural hair at the roots. Each ring has a rubber lining to cushion against the metal of the ring so as to never damage the hair. Hair can be re-used a few times when being moved up. $7 per strand.

Flat track beaded weft

The horizontal weft is sewn on to medium sized square sections of hair that are 1.5cm part. No braid, each weft is cut to size giving maximum thickness attaching to the smallest amount of your hair.
Needs to be moved up every 6 weeks.

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