Powder brows is a more defined look which is perfect for brows that have been over plucked or are sparse. It is the longest lasting technique and is recommended for oily skin types (or dry) as oily skin tends not to hold pigment as well.

Hair strokes or nano brows is the implantation of pigment using a fine needle to mimick the natural hair strokes to fill in gaps and or shade behind the existing natural hair for a denser looking brow. This technique needs more touching up than any other method and is not always enough when a lot of hair is missing to be able to blend the existing brows.

Combination brows. This technique is a method that combines a powder brow shade and hair like strokes placed on top of the second appointment to create dimension ad more of a dimensional effect.
We do not recommend any treatments for at least 7 days as the skin can be extra sensitive.

Some areas of the face are more sensitive, everyones pain threshold is different. Knumbing products are used throughout the procedure to relieve discomfort.

Lips are slightly more sensitive , you can have a block done at your dentist however this is not necessary for most.

Eyeliner- bottom is less sensitive than the top.

Brows-Older skin types can be quite thin and therefore more sensitive and harder to deposit pigment.

Drinking coffee or alcohol the night before or morning of treatment (coffee) can enhance the pain and effect pigment retention. IT IS REALLY IMPOTRTANT FOR BEST RESULTS THAT YOU DON’T DO EITHER .
For work that has been done elsewhere you will need to email a picture taken in natural light without any make up on your brows. This way I can assess if they are faded enough for me to go over them or I can recommend you to someone to have them removed first.
Once they are light enough to be redone full price will apply. Touch ups are available to existing clients to keep the colour looking fresh.
We use iron oxide pigments which are perfectly safe and not harmful to the skin.
We do not recommend putting make up over the treated areas until they are healed and any flaking or scabbing has healed. This helps to minimise the risk of infection.
The colour of your cosmetic tattoo will be dark for the first week but will soften as the healing process begins. There will definitely be an adjustment perid so we recommend you don’t book your appointment close to any major events. It is recommended in this time to wear heavier eye make up and mascara as this will blend the darker brows and draw attention away.

Before your appointment you will need to fill out an electronic form sent via email which discloses any medical information and conditions that may interfere with pigment retention or the healing process. In some case you may need to provide written consent from your doctor. Oiy skin does not hold pigment as well as other skin types and sometimes the hair like strokes can heal not as clear or crisp. Powder brows are more suited to this skin type.

  • Under 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Had botox within the ast two weeks.
  • Prone to keloid scaring.
  • Diabetic-must bring a note from your doctor.
  • Have any skin disease or irritated skin eg sunburn, excema on the treatment areas.
  • Recently had a chemical peel within 3-4 weeks.
  • Have a heart condition or using heart medications.
  • Recently undergone chemo therapy treatment or under- going treatment.
  • Allergic to lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, prilocaine.
No, the more hair that is there the more naturally blended they will look. We will reshape them on the day of the procedure.
Generally we will choose a colour closest to your natural hairs. The most natural result will be determined by looking at your skin tone and natural brows.
There can be swelling and be a little bit of tenderness for a day or two following the procedure. In cases of thinner skin minor bruising may occur.

All infection control procedures will be adhered to and strict hygiene standards maintained. This includes sterile, disposable single use needles that come in sealed packets and other disposable equipment.

There is minimal risk of infection if correct aftercare is followed.


Hairstroke fill $750
Hair stroke brow full
shape $790
Ombre/ powder brpw $750


1-3 MONTHS $120
3-6 $200
6-12 $270
12-18 $350
18-24 $450

Please note that all touch up appointments on brows work done at another clinic will be charged as a new brow appointment.


Lash enhancement ( dotted line in lash bed ) natural definition $300
Designer eyeliner (thick or with flick) $450
Bottom liner $150


Lip blush tattoo $750
Lip blush tattoo $750
Natural Lip Contour $450
Contour & Soft Blush Shading $600
Full Lip Tint $795


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