Caring for your Hair Extensions

How do I care for my extensions?

Regular hair washing about every 3-4 days to ensure no perspiration stays on any of the bonds (keratin bonds only). Salts and chemicals break down the adhesive so you must always wash your hair after a gym workout or swimming in a pool or ocean.Wash your extensions immediately after swimming, do not sleep with your hair wet after swimming. All other extensions must be washed after swimming in either salt water and chlorine pools.

Shampoo and conditioner

Must use a shampoo and conditioner that is moisture based not protein.


Treatments are hair extensions best friend. They prevent frizz and keep your extensions from getting dry and unmanageable.

Always shampoo, towel dry and then apply your treatment. Twice a week will ensure you look after your hair and your extensions.

Heat styling tools: Curlers, straightening irons, blow-drying

Always apply a thermal protection product evenly on your hair before using any heated tool.
Always keep heat away from the adhesive or joins of your extensions.

Can I wet my hair directly after application?

Do not get your hair wet without drying the root area thoroughly immedietly. This will give the bonds (keratin only)time to settle and ensure your extensions will not slide out through premature contact with chemicals.


Expect to see small quantities of naturally released hair trapped in the bonds after some time this is completely normal and shouldn’t be interpreted as hair being pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves.


Always brush your extensions with a bore bristle cushion brush before going to bed and before wetting hair. Tie hair back in a soft pony tale to prevent tangling while sleeping. A satin pillowcase is preferably. NEVER go to bed with wet hair as it may matt.

Return to your salon two weeks later for a check up appointment. It may be necessary to replace a few strands if they have not settled properly.
If you experience bond slippage or any discomfort, contact us immediately to determine the cause and remedy of the situation.
It is normal for a full head to lose a couple over a six week period depending on your brushing technique and lifestyle, don’t panic just keep them and they can be replaced.


Brush your hair at least twice a day using your bristle brush recommended by your stylist. Always brush right into the roots; this will avoid matting in this area. Do not use a hard brush or plastic bristles or combs, as this will cause the extensions strands to slip out. But when brushing the ends support the roots with your hand.

If you have tape, flat track weave,  or micro bead extensions you will need them moved up every six weeks.
If you have keratin bonded singles every 8 weeks.

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