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Cosmetic Tatto Microblading – Beauty Therapist

Lip pigmentation is the perfect way to transform and enhance thin or uneven lips, for lips that have lost shape and fullness with age, restoring volume and creating a perfect shape. Cosmetic lip colour is perfect if you have lost colour due to cold sore’s or age, maybe a scar or accident or it can also be used to correct imperfections.


Fine eyeliner is through the lashes and creates a fine line above the lashes. It extends beyond the eyelashes to create a precision fine line which might have a flick at the end or be straight into the lash line. Thick eyeliner is shaded through and goes beyond the eyelashes to create a wider contour with a dramatic flick .


Microblading Eyebrows 1:618 This cosmetic procedure is designed to cosmetically enhance the natural shape of the eyebrows using implantation of safe pigments into the skin, micking the eyebrows natural hair. Cherie Nastas is an internationally certified Phibrow Microblading Artist, and perfected the skill to create a masterpiece every time. Cherie believes there is no single brow shape that fits all. A brilliant phibrow artist is a skilled designer enacting a very precise art. The natural curves and arches are hand crafted to individual perfection for each person. The treatment is semi-permanent lasting up to two years depending on the skin type

At the first session, the eyebrow shape is measured according to the client’s facial features, such as the eyes and nose in order to achieve the most suitable natural eyebrow shape (The Golden Ratio – 1:618) and pigment colour depending on the colour of the client’s eyebrow hair. Once the client is satisfied with the newly drawn shape, the procedure will begin. Please allow 2 hrs for this session. A complimentary touch-up is scheduled at four to six weeks after the first session. During the touch-up, the eyebrow is re-measured and analysed to check whether more strokes need to be added. Please keep in mind this is a two part procedure, therefore a touch-up is essential for every client to see the final result after healing.




300.00     –    Eyelash Enhancement
450.00     –    Designer Eyeliner ( Thick)
150.00     –    Bottom Liner

450.00    –    Natural Lip Contour
600.00   –    Contour & Soft Blush Shading
795.00    –    Full Lip Tint

450.00   – 650.00   –    Microblade Hair stroke Brow Fill
790.00    –    Microblade Hair stroke Brow Full Shape
450.00   –  650.00   –    Ombre/ Powder Shadow
250.00   –    Refresh after 12mths


Post Care: 30 minutes – 1 hour after treatment
Wash your eyebrows with luke warm water to remove lymph. Pat dry with a cotton pad and apply aftercare gel with a cotton tip. 24 hours after treatment, gently wash the aftercare gel off with luke warm water. Pat dry with cotton pad and begin to apply a thin layer of Bepanthen every 3 hours until eyebrows are healed.

Things to avoid during healing:

• Avoid water on eyebrows during shower for at least 7 days or until healed
• No make-up or products on eyebrows
• Avoid sleeping on the face
• DO NOT pick, scratch or peel the healing area
• No direct sun exposure
• Avoid working out to prevent sweating for at least 48 hours after treatment


Medik8 Peels
100.00    –       Enzyme peel for all skin types
120.00    –       Age peel for mature skin
120.00    –       Beta peel acne/blemishes
120.00    –       White peel for pigmentation & uneven skin tone
95.00      –       Eye peel for eyes & mouth treating dark circles and fine lines


Wax & Tan
35.00     –     Spray Tans
34.00     –     Eye Lash Tinting
20.00     –     Eyebrow Wax
30.00     –     Eyebrow Tint


Brows & Lashes
34.00     –     Brow Sculp
28.00     –     Brow Bleach
24.00     –     Brow Tint
34.00     –     Lash Tint
25.00     –     Party Lashes
45.00     –     Henna Brows

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